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Membership is open to all people who share our love of England and `Englishness’. Those joining the Society today are following in the footsteps of such great Englishmen as Lord Baden-Powell, Defender of Mafekin and founder of the World-wide Scout movement, and Sir Winston Churchill, Soldier and Statesman whose Leadership of his country in wartime continues to provide inspiration to generations of fellow Britons.

Currently the Society has active branches in most counties and cities of England, and in other regions of the British Isles. We also have branches and affiliates throughout the Commonwealth and the English speaking world.

We accept into our ranks - indeed we welcome - people of nationalities other than English, if they support our aims. All members of the Royal Society have the opportunity to participate in our events to celebrate England's National Day, on 23rd April each year. This is also the birthday of William Shakespeare. Festivities are organised by our branches and affiliates in towns and cities worldwide. The Society also celebrates Trafalgar Day, commemorating Admiral Lord Nelson's great victory at sea on 21st October 1805, and other momentous events in England's History

The Society is un-sectarian and independent of party politics. Membership is open to:

(a) All those who subscribe to the Objects of the Society; and

(b) Are born in England or wherever born being English men or English women or children or remoter issue of the same; or

(c) Not being of English descent nevertheless supports the aims and objectives of the Society. 

Membership forms can be downloaded

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 Junior Membership

 As with youth organisations, and indeed of England, the future of the Royal Society of St.George depends on our younger members. We hope that you will join us in building that future.

The Society has a dedicated Youth Section, with a Representative on the National Council - details of which can be found on a page on the RSStG's national website.

Should you wish to join us, a membership form is attached.

Many branches have junior sections whose members also enjoy reduced membership fees.



Contact Details
  For more information on how to become a member of the RSStG contact:


The Royal Society of St.George

2nd Floor, Enterprise House
10 Church Hill,
Essex IG10 1LA,
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3225 5011
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8508 4356

E-mail: [email protected]



The Royal Society of St.George – Keeping England in your Heart!

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